shorvath <> wrote on 06/26/2012 01:02:00 PM:

> I wouldn't  want to rsync  /var/lib/backuppc as this is not in a
> format that can be readily used.
> What I'm after is a ready  to use snapshot, As it looks on the
> server I'm backing up or what it would look like if using the
> archive host feature but just not in tar format.

Why do you expect BackupPC to provide that?  Other than using the Archive function to create a tar and extracting it somewhere, there isn't an option to do that within BacukpPC.  It's not something that is included in its capabilities.

If you want an rsynced copy of your data, why don't you simply rsync the data from the host?  BackupPC won't actually provide any value in the process, anyway.

BackupPC is a hammer, and not every problem is a nail.

While I'm writing this, I'll quickly add that many people handle the off-site aspect in one of three ways:

1) Archive tar files on removable media
2) Mirrors of the entire BackupPC filesystem, regularly rotated off-site (often by using MD and breaking a miror)
3) Two BacukpPC servers configured to back up the same host.

However, *none* of these will give you a simple filesystem that looks like the original.  That is just plain not something BackupPC will do.

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