bubolski <backuppc-forum@backupcentral.com> wrote on 07/24/2012 05:51:47 AM:

> I got a problem with this (topic). When i'm connected to the same
> wireless via cable I can start backup on backuppc.
> When i got internet from wifi and i'm connected to my work wireless
> via vpn i can ping my computer from backuppc but can't start backup.
> Got information about no ping.
> Why i can ping from my -> pc backuppc and from backuppc -> my pc ,
> but can't start backup for my computer ?
> Via cable is the same situation but I can start backup.

BackupPC does not use IP addresses to talk to your client:  it uses names.  Internally, the resolution of the name works by broadcasting on the local network.  With a VPN in place, your PC and the BackupPC device are on different networks, so the broadcast method for name resolution won't work.

You will need to use some sort of dynamic DNS system to be able to get BackupPC to be able to resolve your PC's name even when your PC is connected via the VPN.  A fixed IP won't work because you won't be able to use the same IP for your PC both inside the office and via the VPN.

Bad news:  such dynamic DNS systems are not simple.  Actually, the simplest is Microsoft Active Directory:  it mostly works out of the box.  But then you have to make sure your notebook is logging into the domain over the VPN, which has its own issues...

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