Timothy J Massey <tmassey@obscorp.com> wrote on 09/18/2012 11:07:18 AM:

> John Rouillard <rouilj-backuppc@renesys.com> wrote on 09/17/2012 02:33:34 PM:
> > I have another system that is lower power:
> >
> >   2632652.8 MB at 662.5 minutes or 66MB/s
> That's 2.6TB in 11 hours.  That is perfectly acceptable for me.  And
> *way* better than I'm getting.

I have just performed some full backups on a host after disabling compression.  Results:

Not-first backup with compression:  139.9 minutes for 70000.6 MB
First backup without compression:  76.7 minutes for 70181.5 MB.
Second backup without compression:  36.6 minutes for 70187.4 MB.

Wow:  Four times the performance.  Looks like compression is a *significant* performance-eater.

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