Les Mikesell <lesmikesell@gmail.com> wrote on 02/24/2011 05:21:27 PM:

> On 2/22/2011 9:17 PM, Dennis Blewett wrote:
> > What I'm also curious about is if I should be rsyncing any other files,
> > thus allowing me to restore from the offsite backup in the case I lose
> > everything and rebuild a backuppc configuration: I would attempt to
> > rsync back to my computer with the new backuppc configuration and
> > attempt to restore/recover said files.
> I don't think anyone answered this - and it is probably because it will
> depend on how you installed backuppc.  The distribution-packaged
> versions probably move the config files somewhere under /etc.  You
> should be able to use the distribution package manager tools to find
> where it installed things.  For example, on a CentOS box with the EPEL
> rpm installed the command 'rpm -q --list BackupPC' shows that it has put
> things in /etc/BackupPC.  But other packaging might be different.

Which, conveniently, is backed up by the default localhost backup job that is included with BackupPC.  So, if you have some way of duplicating your entire pool (rsync, dd, RAID 1, etc.), you get a full backup of your BackupPC configuration for free!  :)

(I thought all BackupPC installations stored their configuration under /etc?  At least, that's the default for Debian and Red Hat packages, plus source installation, I believe...)

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