Holger Parplies <wbppc@parplies.de> wrote on 10/30/2013 10:24:05 PM:

> as I understand it, the backups from before the change from smb to rsyncd are
> linked into the pool. Since the change, some or all are not. Whether the
> change of XferMethod has anything to do with the problem or whether it
> coincidentally happened at about the same point in time remains to be seen.
> I still suspect the link to $topDir as cause, and BackupPC_link is independent
> of the XferMethod used (so a change in XferMethod shouldn't have any
> influence).

To add my anecdote, I use a symbolic link for all of my BackupPC hosts:  a couple dozen?  And they all work fine.  It's been my standard procedure for almost as long as I've been using BackupPC.

        ls -l /var/lib
        lrwxrwxrwx. 1 root    root     22 Apr 22  2013 BackupPC -> /data/BackupPC/TopDir/

        /dev/sda1 on /data type ext4 (rw)

I understand phobias from earlier problems (see my earlier e-mail about my thoughts on NFS and backups...) but I do not think this one is an issue.

> If the log files show nothing, we're back to finding the problem, but I doubt
> that. You can't "break pooling" by copying, as was suggested. Yes, you get
> independent copies of files, and they might stay independent, but changed
> files should get pooled again, and your file system usage wouldn't continue
> growing in such a way as it seems to be. If pooling is currently "broken",
> there's a reason for that, and there should be log messages indicating
> problems.

You are 100% correct;  but it depends on how you define "break".  Making a copy of a backup will absolutely break pooling--for the copy you just made!  :)

It won't prevent *future* copies from pooling, certainly.  But it sure can fill up a drive:  even if pooling *is* working correctly for new copies, they can still fill up the drive *and* BackupPC_nightly won't do a thing about it.

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