Hello All.
I had a BackupPC installation running on a Red Hat 9 server which I want to move to a Clark Connect 3 server.
I used the tar method of moving the entire backuppc data store to the new server.
I then installed backuppc from rpm (someone built for ClarkConnect3).
Now comes the fun:
The RPM installs BackupPC to - /opt/backuppc  and it's data store to /opt/backuppc/files.
I thought I would do a fresh install and then simply move /opt/backuppc/files - /opt/backuppc/files2
Then symlink /data/backuppc --> /opt/backuppc/files.
After doing this, BackupPC refused to start so now I'm in the middle of a "chown -R backuppc:backuppc /data/backuppc" to make sure the permissions are ok then I'll try starting it again.
Tell me, is there an easier way to do this?
btw - the entire backuppc data store was 110 gb on a software RAID5 - I mounted the old data store via NFS and tar'd things across, took about 60 hours.  Strange thing was that 99gig of the data was there after 10 hours.