I tried the suggestions but nothing works I just get the information on which parameters I can use when I run the BackupPC_tarcreate so something is wrong with my command...

I tried this and all I can think of but no luck....i watn the files in the Windowshare to be sent to/piped to restore.tar

Backuppc_tarCreate -h oden -n -1 -s / windowsharename . > restore.tar

Backuppc_tarCreate -h oden -n -1 -s / windowsharename / > restore.tar

> Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2014 15:14:23 -0500
> From: ccravens@excelii.com
> To: backuppc-users@lists.sourceforge.net
> Subject: Re: [BackupPC-users] Restore from commandline
> On 06/11/2014 10:41 AM, Kenneth Bergholm wrote:
> > I have a problem ragrding restoring files, if I try to restore from
> > the browser it times out when it tries to list the files it is over
> > 400000 files in the folder (oden)...
> What errors or behavior are you seeing? Using a '.' or '/' doesn't matter in my experience on Linux, as you're specifying a path or filename to restore. ('.' means "the current directory", which would be relative to the share specified.)
> -s is technically not a folder, it's the *share* name. If you are backing up (on Linux) /, /boot, /usr and /home (listed as separate shares in the config), and you want to restore Fred Fish's directory "foo" from his home directory (which is /home/fredfish), your command would look like this:
> Backuppc_tarCreate -h oden -n -1 -s /home fredfish/foo > restore.tar
> If you're just backing up one large share, "/" (the root filesystem that contains everything on Linux), your command would look like this...
> Backuppc_tarCreate -h oden -n -1 -s / home/fredfish/foo > restore.tar
> Add a -l to the command to just list the matched filenames... what does it return?
> (I do restores from the command-line all the time, using netcat to stream directly to the target machine.)
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