Perfect. Worked like a charm. Thanks for that pointer.

On Thu, Aug 30, 2012 at 9:39 AM, Adam Goryachev <> wrote:
On 31/08/12 00:21, Kameleon wrote:
> I have setup our new backuppc server. However I having a problem
> pulling the initial full from two of our remote sites. Each site is on
> a T1 and has around 500GB it needs to grab. The backup times out
> before it can finish. Before I have had to get an external usb drive,
> take it to the site, do an rsync manually, and bring it back to the
> office to have backuppc grab it. However I have a good full from our
> old backuppc server that I can dump onto another physical machine
> here. I did this but when I pulled the full it mounted it as
> /home/servername instead of just / so when the new server tried to
> pull the incremental it was trying to pull from / meaning it didn't
> match any files and started pulling them all again. I cannot remember
> for the life of me how I did it before to get it to work properly. Any
> pointers?

Don't do this in real life, there is no warranty etc....

However, it once may have worked for me :)

Get to your initial full backup
cd /var/lib/backuppc/pc/hostname/0
mv f%2fhome%2fservername f%2f

This just changes the directory to what backuppc expects.

If you want to minimise issues, I would suggest you do a full backup,
and then purge/retire backup 0, that way your first backup is properly
done by backuppc.


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