I got this error when my incremental backups were empty. I would browse the backup and get this error in the gui but not in Apache logs.

The incremental backups were empty because my incremental command was wrong(missing N flag).

I troubleshoot this by checking the backups at the command line with Du. Hope that helps.

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On Jan 30, 2014 10:16 AM, "Les Mikesell" <lesmikesell@gmail.com> wrote:
On Thu, Jan 30, 2014 at 2:12 AM, dleigh
<backuppc-forum@backupcentral.com> wrote:
> This block of commands and messages:
> Running: /usr/bin/ssh -q -x -l root fichiers00 env LC_ALL=C sudo /bin/tar -x -p --numeric-owner --same-owner -v -f - -C /home
> Running: /usr/share/backuppc/bin/BackupPC_tarCreate -h localhost -n 828 -s /home -t -r /leidav -p /leidav/ /leidav/zlink.txt
> Xfer PIDs are now 22938,22939
> Tar exited with error 65280 () status
> restore failed: BackupPC_tarCreate failed
> Is copied DIRECTLY from the web interface restore summary xfer log.  So, if one of the commands SHOULD be something else, it's the interface that messing it up.  Also, you see why I need more information.  That's ALL that the xfer.log gives me.

OK, that makes a little sense now.  The ssh/tar line is the remote
extract command and the BackupPC_tarCreate line is the local command
to send it the tar archive.   Backuppc arranges a pipeline between
these commands.  I normally use (and recommend) rsync instead of tar
so mine look a little different.

I still don't understand why the remote command is going to host
fichiers00 but it is being extracted from  what must be configured in
backuppc as localhost.   Do you have a ClientAliasName set for it?

> Yes I added a sudo based on certain recommandations in wikis and forums so that the backuppc user could execute the tar command successfully.  The backup part (it's a tar backup) works so I'm guessing that sudo concept is working for me.

Note that there are separate command settings for backups and
restores.  And since restores aren't working, I'm guessing your change
isn't working...

> Yes, a download of a tar image works (as does the zip).  It's only the in-place restore that gives me a problem.

Sometimes it helps to debug a problem if you compare the things that
work to the one that doesn't.  The download version of a restore
should show the working BackupPC_tar_Create command line.  If it is
the same as it is in the non-working remote restore, the problem must
be in the remote tar command part.  Double-check the change you made
to the restore command and figure out why the hostname is different in
the 2 lines.

But, my 'big-picture' recommendation would be to switch to rsync if
possible, mostly because the incrementals will correct instead of just
looking at timestamps.

   Les Mikesell

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