Thanks Matthias!... I think that I already did everything you sugest, but delete the XferLog files... I trying that right now. Let see my friend!

On Wed, Oct 26, 2011 at 7:17 PM, Matthias Meyer <> wrote:
Estanislao López Morgan wrote:

> Hi fallows from Backup Pc... I have a problem with my backups. I had to
> delete a wrong backup, so I tried to run the famous script to do that, but
> it did not work.
Probably the script is BackupPC_deleteBackup. Did you get any error-message?

> So I deleted manually. I did it in /var/lib/backuppc/pc/
> and then in /etc/backuppc/ and deleted the .pl and .pl.old that correspond
> to the PC which backup I wanted to erase  and from my hosts list. The
> problem is when I add the PC again to my backup schedule. The backups are
> made but I am not able to see it in the web browser. I am not able to
> browse the backup. Never the least, the backup is made because I can find
> it in /var/lib/backuppc/pc/.
> Thanks in advance !
You have to delete the backups in /var/lib/backuppc/pc/<host>/backups too.
In addition you should delete the corresponding XferLOG.<backup-number>
Also you can check owner and file permisions in /etc/backuppc/ as well as in
If you've deleted the .pl you can't add him to the backup schedule. Probably
you didn't tell us the whole story ;-)

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