Is there a way to increase the debug reporting level to get more clues?

Les' suggestions are a good way to see if it is a problem on the source file system.

For BackupPC, first try to limit the backup to the smallest case that shows the problem (by excluding files or creating a simple test tree to back up).

Then set $Conf{XferLogLevel} to 9.  You should get a lot of output in the XferLOG file.

You then have several options, eg: (1) send the XferLOG file to the list if it short, or to me if it is large - first make sure it doesn't contain anything confidential like file names, host names, IP addresses etc (2) try running manually the tar command (that generates the archive) that is shown in the top of the XferLOG file, and pipe the output to "tar -tvf -".  Does it run successfully?  Do you see the full path?


On Thu, Jun 27, 2013 at 12:48 PM, Mike Bosschaert <insomniux@gmail.com> wrote:
Thanks Craig and Stephen for taking the time to dive into this, and excuse for my late reply (have been out of town, could not access the backupserver).

My tar version is 1.22 (2009) as far as I could test, it supports file and link-names longer than 100 characters. It's part of ubuntu server 11.04.

Although the Dropbox directory generates errors, which suggests characterset-problems, some regular native ext4 directories (with longer directory/file names) also produce errors. I have the impression it is not an characterset problem.

For some reason I CAN make incremental backups (which do report errors on the long directory names). But the process does not crash.

One detail which may be important. I use an external USB disk (2GB), mounted on /home/backuppc. I have linked /var/lib/backuppc -> /home/backuppc. My last full backup is of januari 2013, without any errors. The directory structure has not changed significantly (the directories producing errors now did exist at that time, but were fully accessible, no size-limits present). The system design has not changed since then, neither have the system been updated.

Is there a way to increase the debug reporting level to get more clues?

On 06/25/2013 04:42 AM, Craig Barratt wrote:
I find it interesting that the client file path is being cut off ~= 100 characters.

That's a very good observation and an important clue.  The file header in any tar file is limited to 100 characters, and there is a special extension (basically another dummy file header with a payload containing the real long path) to allow longer paths.  The same mechanism is used for long soft link targets.

So either this a very old version of tar, as you suggest, or the extension header isn't being recognized properly.


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