BackupPC community,

I'm pleased to announce that BackupPC 4.0.0alpha2 has been released on SourceForge at:

BackupPC 4.0.0alpha2 has a couple of new features and some bug fixes:
  • support for an SCGI interface (which allows Apache to run as any user, with requests handled by BackupPC_Admin_SCGI, which is run by the BackupPC server).
  • parallelizing BackupPC_refCountUpdate, which is run each night by BackupPC_nightly.
If you are using alpha0 or alpha1, I recommend you upgrade.

Each of the three packages in the release has been updated.  You should upgrade all three packages:
  • BackupPC-4.0.0alpha2.tar.gz: the usual BackupPC release tar ball.
  • BackupPC-XS-0.20.tar.gz: a perl XS module with C code that replaces several BackupPC perl libraries for improved performance.
  • rsync-bpc- a modified rsync that runs on the server that has a shim layer that interfaces directly to the BackupPC file system.
I've attached some short notes on the build/install steps for each package.

This release is getting close to beta0. The only missing feature is FTP xfer support.

I'd be interested in feedback.  



  tar zxvf BackupPC-XS-0.20.tar.gz
  cd BackupPC-XS-0.20
  perl Makefile.PL
  make test
  make install


  tar zxvf rsync-bpc-
  cd rsync-bpc-
  make install


  tar zxvf BackupPC-4.0.0alpha2.tar.gz
  cd BackupPC-4.0.0alpha2

The last step for each will need to be run as a privileged user.

If you want to install rsync_bpc in /usr/local/bin (default might be /usr/bin), then you should add the --prefix option to

  ./ --prefix=/usr/local