As mentioned we have multiple customers and departments. It's not just one server. Also 50g data bases aren't the largest. We have ones upto 200g individual dbs. Also we're using scsi drives which cost a pretty penny.

On Apr 26, 2013 1:31 PM, "Arnold Krille" <> wrote:
On Thu, 25 Apr 2013 14:45:50 -0700 Lord Sporkton
<> wrote:
> I'm currently backing up mysql by way of dumping the DB to a flat
> file then backing up the flat file. Which works well in most cases
> except when someone has a database that is bigger than 50% of the
> hdd. Or really bigger than around say 35% of the hdd if you account
> for system files and a reasonable amount of free space.
> I started thinking, mysqldump streams data into a file and then
> backuppc streams that file for backup. So why not cut out the middle
> man file and just stream right into backuppc? Ive been playing with
> the backup commands but im getting some unexpected results due to
> what I believe is my lack of total understanding of how backuppc
> actually streams things.

I don't know about your rates, but here in europe a new 2TB-disk costs
less then me thinking and trying to implement anything like this.

However, the idea seems interesting (hobby isn't always about hourly
rates:). Basically you have to send a stream from the client to the
server that is a valid tar-file. rsync is more for transfering parts,
but you want to dump the whole db every time. And smb is out for obvious
But on how to trick backuppc to think the other side is sending a
tar-file, I have no clue...

So unless you have an academic interest in understanding how things
work, its much cheaper and easier to just push more disk-space into the
servers concerned. Probably its just putting two more disks on the host
and then increasing several machines disks?

Have fun,


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