I started with backuppc 3.2.1-4 on debian and up to now 11 Macs (10.8.4) backup with rsync. But one Mac never succeeded a backup, but tells after a while


fileListRecieve() failed

Done: 0 files, 0 bytes

Got fatal error during xfer (fileListRecieve failed)

Backup aborted by user signal


I checked the ssh logon to, the partition/file system on the Mac and watched the rync running on the Mac until it stopped.


Using “/usr/share/backuppc/bin/BackupPC_dump –v –f client_name” shows then  


Running: /usr/bin/ssh –q –x –l client_name /usr/bin/rsync –server –numeric-ids –perms –owner –group –D –links –hard-links –times –blocksize=2048 –recursive –checksum-seed=32761 –ignore-times . /Users/

Xfer PIDs are now 17860

xferPids 17860

Gote remote protocol 29

Negotiated protocol version 28

Checksum caching enabled (checksumSeed = 32761)

Sent exclude: …


After a while it stops with


Xfer PIDs are now 17860,17865

xferPIDs 17860,17865



I searched for it and read earlier responses to such error messages, but could find a solution. Any ideas?


Thank you in advance, Thomas