Dear Users of BackupPC,


I asked about this before, but nobody had an idea how to stop it, so please allow

me to explain this again :


Backuppc has a trash directory with some 20 - 30 sub-dirs that go like "1199747634_27557_0",

each of those containing "fbackup" as next-level lower dir, and from hence on, this directory

fbackup and all its sub-directories are owned by "138:136".


Checking /etc/passwd, I didn't find any matching entry, the user backuppc has

uid:gid 110:111 - therefore, the above error  "Permission Denied" - this annoying message

(see subject) pollutes my daily log at high frequency.   

Now the real problem is that the whole /pc hierarchy is affected too, every /pc/pcname/fbackup

directory and all ist sub-contents are 138:136, which makes the restore mechanism fail !


Why on earth does backuppc create dirs/files with unknown arbitrary user id, so it cannot

access or delete them later ?

What might be wrong in the config and has to be changed ?


Btw, manually chown'ing the whole directory structure has proved useless, all new files are again

created for 138:136.


Still hoping somebody's got a clue… ?


Best Regards,

Alexander Lenz





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