Thank you very much,

I will try it and let you know about results.

Best Regards,
Alexander Danilov

25.02.2014 7:18, Holger Parplies пишет:

Alexander Danilov wrote on 2014-02-21 16:19:51 +0400 [[BackupPC-users] "Can't browse bad directory name" issue after changing RsyncShareName]:
I have an issue with my BackupPC "Can't browse bad directory name".
How it appeared:

 1. I had backup for */some/directory*
 2. I changed backup and now it performs only for
    */some/directory/included* and for */some/directory/included2*
 3. As far as i understand BackupPC now sees that some old directory was
    removed and this fact causes issue with browsing.
 4. I can browse new created backups by manual URL editing or by
    choosing specific backup

Can someone help me with solving this issue? I've googled some ways to
fix this but i can't just delete this files. Thanks in advance!
yes, that is bound to cause problems. The best course of action would have
been not to do that. You should best have left the RsyncShareName as it was
and used BackupFilesOnly to limit the extent of what is to be backed up.

The best idea I can come up with now is to patch the directory structure
either for the old backups or for the new ones, though you might need to
additionally create matching attrib files (Jeffrey? ;-). Your old backups will
look something like


while the new ones will look like


(if you don't see the difference, count the number of slashes!).
For a non-destructive start, you might try something like

    cd $TopDir/pc/hostname/numofoldbackup
    ln -s f%2fsome%2fdirectory/included f%2fsome%2fdirectory%2fincluded
    ln -s f%2fsome%2fdirectory/included2 f%2fsome%2fdirectory%2fincluded2

to see if you can now browse that directory.

Good luck.