I guess I can make it hourEnd => 23.9 and there won't be a problem.

I cut & paste hourEnd => 24 from somewhere. I was worried about the ambiguity just as you are - I just checked the docs now because I thought that was where I got it from but I can't see any reference to 24 so I guess there's a risk there.


Till Hofmann on 2/21/2014 11:23 AM, wrote:
On Fri, 2014-02-21 at 11:11 +0000, Adam Hardy wrote:
I've got a laptop that I don't want backed up during the day so I have 
configured it's schedule with a black-out period like this (via the web UI):

$Conf{BlackoutPeriods} = [
     'hourEnd' => '24',
     'weekDays' => [
     'hourBegin' => '5.5'

What am I doing wrong here? 
I'm not sure if '24' is a valid time, have you tried 0? You might try
setting it to '23' or '1' to avoid ambiguity caused by midnight.

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