I am hoping that someone here can help me work through an issue that I am having trying to restore some files.  This is an old backup, maybe 1 year old and I have just installed Mageia 3 on a new machine.  I have gotten to the point whereby I can see my previous back ups, which were done from the local machine and I am trying to restore to the local machine too.  To begin with I am just trying to restore a single file.  The command is below, along with the error messages.

Seems that the first command, that beings with /usr/bin/ssh is expecting a password, or at least that what happens when I try it manually.  Not really sure how to proceed from here.
Any help would be much appreciated, also this is just a personal back up and I don't have too much backuppcPC / Linux knowledge.

Running: /usr/bin/ssh -q -x -l root linuxpc env LC_ALL=C /bin/tar -x -p --numeric-owner --same-owner -v -f - -C /restores
Running: /usr/share/backuppc/bin/BackupPC_tarCreate -h linuxpc -n 612 -s /photos -t -r /Pili -p /photos/ /Pili/IMG_0558.JPG
Xfer PIDs are now 13163,13164
Tar exited with error 65280 () status
tarCreate: Unable to write to output file (Connection reset by peer)
restore failed: BackupPC_tarCreate failed


David Williams