The easiest way is probably to set the option 'BackupsDisable' to 1 for your restoration only host:
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On 07/24/2013 12:08 PM, Jimmy Thrasibule wrote:

I've set up an host in my BackupPC configuration mostly for restoration
purposes. Meaning that I don't want to backup this fake host but only
use it when I need to restore something.

        # - Fake host for on site restoration.
        $Conf{ClientNameAlias} = "backup";
        # Transport method configuration.
        $Conf{XferMethod} = 'rsync';
        $Conf{RsyncClientCmd} = '/bin/true';
        $Conf{RsyncClientRestoreCmd} = '$rsyncPath $argList+';

        # What to backup.
        $Conf{RsyncShareName} = [

The problem with this configuration is that BackupPC will try to backup
this host and will obviously fail. I tried to put `/bin/true` in place
of the usual `rsync` path, but it doesn't help. How can I make BackupPC
believe that backup of this host succeeded?

Or is there any other way to have a restoration only host?


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