Hi Matthias,
  Thanks for your prompt reply!  I gave your recommendations a try and had no luck.  Setting CLIENT='name as in $Conf{ClientNameAlias}' doesn't actually substitute the value for ClientNameAlias.  Bash doesn't know the config file, so just returns that as a string if I try to ping it...i.e.

bash-4.1$ echo $CLIENT
name as in $Conf{ClientNameAlias}

I also tried adding those nmblookup specific lines to my config, but get the same output as before when running the dump command.  What confuses me is I specify rsyncd as my method, so I'm not sure why backuppc is trying to use netbios names for lookups.  I also don't know where it's getting this funny ip that isn't actually there, but if it were registered would be on our subnet.  For some reason or another, backuppc won't try to ping what I specify as ClientNameAlias, and instead tries to lookup the host netbios name.  Any ideas?  Thanks so much for the help!

On 12/8/2012 1:33 AM, Matthias Meyer wrote:
Bruce Thayre wrote:

Hello Everyone,
   I've been a maintainer of an old install of backuppc until our server
recently died.  I've reinstalled and brought all other services back
except for backuppc.  Many of our backup clients are behind routers and
I had been using the ClientNameAlias option in their respective
config.pl files.  However, when I try the test command:
bash-4.1$ /usr/share/BackupPC/bin/BackupPC_dump -f -v $CLIENT
CLIENT='name as in $Conf{ClientNameAlias}'
ping -c2 $CLIENT
sudo -u backuppc /usr/share/BackupPC/bin/BackupPC_dump -f -v $CLIENT
I get the output:

Name server doesn't know about $CLIENT; trying NetBios
cmdSystemOrEval: about to system /usr/bin/nmblookup $CLIENT
cmdSystemOrEval: finished: got output querying $CLIENT on
name_query failed to find name $CLIENT

NetBiosHostIPFind: couldn't find IP address for host $CLIENT
host not found

   I'm a little confused by the output.  I have the host setup with
DHCP=0, and rsyncd is my backup method in /etc/config.pl.  I'm not quite
sure why backuppc is trying to use the hostname as a netbios name, and
why it seems to ignore the router ip I provide in the client's config.pl
file.  More perplexing is that nmblookup seems to return an ip address,
but that ip address is not in use.  It won't resolve using nslookup, so
I'm can't understand where it was found. Any insight would be greatly

My Config:
$Conf{NmbLookupPath} = '/usr/bin/nmblookup';
$Conf{PingPath} = '/bin/ping';

$Conf{ClientNameAlias} = 'name of CLIENT';
$Conf{NmbLookupCmd } = '$nmbLookupPath -A $host';
$Conf{NmbLookupFindHostCmd } = '$nmbLookupPath $host';
$Conf{FixedIPNetBiosNameCheck} = '';