Hi all,

Just wanted to point out how great backuppc is.

I have one backuppc system configured to backup daily, and never expire a backup.

# hosts 13
# Full backups 1243
# Incremental backups 7417

Oldest backup 2223.7 days old (backup #0, still not retired)

While this isn't backing up huge amounts of data, it means we have pretty much every version (one per day usually), of every file, ever stored on any of the servers.

In case people are interested, currently using 5 x 2TB HDD's in RAID6 with reiserfs (yes, back then it really was a great solution, and I guess it still works).

I just wanted to put out there, that backuppc can work really well at backing up, and archiving data.


Adam Goryachev
Website Managers