Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to post a solution to a problem I was fighting for a while.  One of our servers that we were using backup pc to backup kept hanging.  Its a 64 Bit Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 4.5 box.  I finally figured out that the problem came from the supposed 1.2 Terabyte "/var/log/lastlog" file.  The file is a sparse file and not really 1.2TB but backup pc will try to compress all the null bytes and take far too long at it.  Read here for more info on the file: http://www.redhat.com/archives/nahant-list/2005-February/msg00165.html

I have excluded that file from backup and now it works fine.

Hope this helps other people with the same problem.

Vince	                |  Michael Smith Laboratories
Systems Network Manager |  University of British Columbia