i would have to say that there are a vew distros that already do what you want.  for instance, install ubuntu 7.10 server minimal and apt-get install backuppc will get you a basic, secure, configured backuppc install with very little effort.

i do agree that some form of full backup tape or cd/dvd archiving would be nice to have in the interface.  im sure that the backuppc dump command could be used to handle this with a little magic from the devs

im not sure of a good way to handle dumping the backuppc data directories to tape.  might be better to use the BackupPC_tarCreate(is that the right name??) with some flags to fit the tape drive as im not sure of a good way to see the proper directory structure OR restore from that directory structure if it is archived to tape.

On 10/18/07, CryptoManceR <cryptomancer@yandex.ru> wrote:
Hello, backuppc-devel.

   Please,  may  you  create  alternative  distribution of BackupPC as
   mini-Linux  LiveCD+installable,  with only the packages required to
   run  BackupPC (i.e. no X-window, KDE/Gnome, Mozilla and other heavy
   things  usually  found  on LiveCD's), and everything pre-configured
   for  quick  provisioning to virtual or real machine with only a few
   questions to user ?

   It  also will be convenient to optionally add some open-source tape
   backup  package  (Amanda  ?)  for archival and vaulting, as on-site
   only  backups are silly, being easily destructible by same disaster
   or criminal assault as data being protected.

CryptoManceR                          mailto:cryptomancer@yandex.ru

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