On 2006/11/30 10:20 AM, Craig Barratt wrote:
Alex writes:

I've successfully configured mod_auth_pam, and can now log on using 
domain user name and password. I have also put user names in the host 
file as domain\user. The only problem I still have is that when I set 
$Conf{CgiAdminUsers} to domain\user, the admin interface does not come up.

What other format can I try?

You need to confirm how apache passes such a user name
via the REMOTE_USER environment variable.  Use the
printenv script included in apache's cgi-bin to see.
I'll try to find this. Don't have it on my machine
Second, do you use single or double-quotes in defining $Conf{CgiAdminUsers}?
With an embedded backslash you will need to use single quotes.

Single quotes. Neither double or single backslash work.

$Conf{CgiAdminUsers}     = 'QUICKTRAV\\admin';