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Binary(doc,xls,ppt) to OpenXMLTranslator / News: Recent posts

Phase III of the b2xTranslator Project Launched

Phase III of the b2xTranslator project mainly focuses on Excel and PowerPoint improvements. See http://b2xtranslator.sourceforge.net/ for more details.

Posted by Wolfgang 2009-01-28

Phase II Final is available

Phase II of the binary translator for Word documents (doc to docx) has been finished. The latest version has been extensively tested and offers a number of new features.

Posted by Wolfgang 2008-12-05

M2 has been released

M2 features a comprehensive doc/docx translation and provides for some basic xls/xlsx and ppt/pptx feature mapping.

Posted by Wolfgang 2008-07-09

Snapshot of Structured Storage Reader available

The first snapshot of the Structured Storage Reader is now available here http://b2xtranslator.sourceforge.net/snapshots.html

Posted by Wolfgang 2008-03-04