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b0xNet / News: Recent posts

b0xNet 1.4-RELEASED

- new contrib dir
- set default bantype to 13 on antiflyby.tcl
- fixed the kb and +ban bugs
- removed cvsup support
- disabled all modules by default
- upgrade auto installed to use eggdrop v1.6.17
- added peak command

Posted by Rick Fournier 2005-06-19

b0xNet is back in development

Hey guys, just let everyone I'm starting to work on b0xNet again :)

Posted by Rick Fournier 2005-06-11

b0xNet 1.3 Release

This release includes a new modular language system, an eggdrop authentication system, various new commands and features, and supports installation into different folders.

Posted by Rick Fournier 2003-01-18

SourceForge Account Created

b0xNet is now on sourceforge, current release 1.2 was uploaded

Posted by Rick Fournier 2002-12-20