Auto-creation of directory

  • coreying

    I've just installed ScaneRSS 0.9.9
    There are lots of new features there which is great.

    One of the things I've noticed it doesn't do (nor does the previous version), it doesn't check to see whether the 'Save Dir' exists.

    So if I have a filter of 'Top Gear' which has a 'Save Dir' of D:\Video\TV-Current\Top Gear
    As the season is not currently airing, there is no 'Top Gear' folder. But when it does start and the first torrent comes down, currently the torrent file ends up being "Top Gear." with no extension in the D:\Video\TV-Current folder, rather than correctly being D:\Video\TV-Current\Top Gear\Top.Gear.S10E01.WS.PDTV.XviD-RiVER.avi   etc

    Is it possible to have ScaneRSS to check whether the folder exists and create it if it doesn't ?

    • I've been looking into a similar problem when the Azureus default directory does not exist.  I was examining the code and I think the current code that determines whether the default is used is embedded in Azureus (specificially in, IIRC).  None the less, a check for existence and creation could be added before the Download object is constructed AFAICT.  I would prefer a way to catch the DownloadException when it refers to a bad path and recover with a prompt or something, but have knocked that off my priority list.