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Preventing UPNP driven opening of port


  • Anonymous


    When running AzSMRC, I noticed that the port 49009 was being opened on my Router/firewall through UPNP (alongwith other ports that Vuze opens for itself). I need a way to turn off this "feature" of AzSMRC.

    If AzSMRC opens up the port on the router, then it gets exposed to the internet. I only plan to adminster Vuze from my internal network, not from the internet. Opening up this port adds to the attack surface exposed to internet.

    I could not find an option to turn off the UPNP capability of AzSMRC. I would prefer not to turn off Vuze's UPNP capability just for preventing AzSMRC UPNP behavior.

    Please let me know how I can prevent AzSMRC from triggering this UPNP request to my router.

    Thanks in advance.