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Beta Testers Wanted

  • Hello all AzSMRC users,

    We are getting ready to roll out a new version of AzSMRC and we need some testers!  This version has a huge number of improvements and changes and we want to make sure that everything is working before we roll it out full scale.

    This is your chance to make a difference and be active in helping us make sure that AzSMRC is the best it can be.

    What we need from you: 

    1.  Email me (click on my name above) and give a desired username and password for a special ftp and I will set it up for you.

    2.  Join the Mailinglist https://lists.sourceforge.net/mailman/listinfo/azsmrc-betatester

    3.  Install the beta version

    4.  Use it heavily and then report back (either here or by email & mailinglist) to us your experiences.  Any errors, etc.

    So, sign up today!

    • Something to add:

      Most applicants are useing simple passwords like foobarxy, if passwords are too weak I will generate one for you it will look like this: %&zEO`656InYrYH+

      So please do me a favor and choose strong passwords:

      Password min length is 12 chars

      upper and lowercase mixed.

      at least 2 special chars %,§,{_-, and so on

      There are still some testers not listed in the mailing list, so I will only add you if you already have subscribed to the list.

    • coreying

      I use this program daily, I'm currently on 0.9.9RC... are you still looking for better testers ?

    • Paczesiowa

      currently, 0.9.9RC is most up to date version now (judging on files on ftp-server with betas) so you can betatest it without subscription. however on that ftp there are betas of scanerss plugin and  taskmanager plugin.