J2ME version for PocketPCs

  • mephistofun

    Does anyone else think it would be really nice to have a Java ME version of the AzSMRC remote control client that would run on mobile phones (i.e. PocketPCs, smartphones, etc)?  I don't much Java experience (yet) but I just got a PocketPC and I'd like to learn how to write software for it.

    I'd like to start looking into the limitations of J2ME and start to figure out what features of AzSMRC could actually be implemented on a mobile platform.  Please share your thoughts on this if you'd like to help the idea become a reality.

    • Well interesting idea!
      I think you can use most of the backend code, but you'll have to rewrite the complete GUI.

      This would be quite an undertaking for someone who just started Java.

      Maybe basic torrent management would be of most interest for most users.

      Thats my 0.02$