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Read Me

* Important notes
As of version 0.3.0 [CVS version 0.2.3-107], modules are installed in
$prefix/lib/ayttm instead of $prefix/share/ayttm/modules. This means that
the old modules in $prefix/share/ayttm/modules shouldn't be used anymore
because they are not binary compatible anymore, and should be deleted.
You also _must_ fix your prefs file to change modules paths.
If you get a popup saying "Plugin version differs from core version, which 
means it is probably not binary compatible." at startup, it means you 
didn't read this file.

* Project homepage (where to bugreport and so):
* How to help & be helped
  - bugreports:
    If you experience a fatal bug (crash), you can file a bugreport
    on's bugtracker. The more precise it is, the easier we'll 
    find out how to fix it. In particular, a backtrace is really 
    useful. After a crash you should have a `core' file in your 
    working directory ($HOME if run via a window manager). run gdb with 
    $ gdb `which ayttm` core
    then at the gdb prompt, type 'bt full':
    (gdb) bt full
    and copy/paste the result to your bugreport.
    You can also easily, automatically get stacktraces by running 
    ./configure --enable-crash-dialog. It'll popup the stack trace every
    time ayttm crashes.

  - If you experience lots of crashes after an update (in particular 
    for CVS updates), it is probably caused by a change in a structure
    shared between core and modules. Try a "make clean && make && sudo
    make install" instead of simply "make && sudo make install".
  - If you are a developer and fix a bug or add a feature, we certainly
    want to hear from you :) Please send a patch (ideally, against CVS)
    to's patchtracker. use `cvs diff -u`.
  - Translations: The existing translations are quite out of date after
    the fork. I plan to update the French one, but that'll be when I'll
    have more time, could be quite long. New translations or updates
    to existing ones are very welcome.

* General
  Ayttm is an integrated messenger, which means you can be logged on 
  more than one of the supported services at once. You can then chat
  with people on the services where you have an account. 
  Your "online friends" are grouped by contacts (a contact can have
  more than one account), and by groups (Buddies, etc). You can order
  your contacts by groups by either drag and dropping them, or by 
  editing the contact. You can order your contacts' accounts only by
  editing the account, yet.

* Build Requirements:
	glib 2.0.0
	gtk2 2.6.0

	For MSN2 Support:

	For Yahoo Webcam Support:

I should write more in this README, too...