#158 other accounts contacts got added

Colin Leroy
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Adam Butler


My ex-girlfried was staying around and wanted to logon
to her msn. I added her accound and it was pritty
sweet. All her contacts got added, she was able to keep
her password safe from me and I didnt have my list
clogged up with her contacts - they were under
'username contacts'.

Now that I've been dumped I dont want/need her account
there so I deleted it from the add/delete account menu.
I got logged off then when I logged on all her accounts
were added to my contact list.

I can see this would be usefull in some situations, but
I had like 10 people message me saying 'who is this'
because msn informed me that they were added. At this
point ayttm crashed, and I didnt get the log, soz,
wasnt thinking.

Anyway... could it perhaps ask before adding all the
contacts to the msn account? If not then I'll just
remember to delete them before deleting the account.

I'm using version 0.4.4-1.



  • Colin Leroy
    Colin Leroy

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    when you added your ex' account, was it already ayttm 0.4.4
    ? If not it may have been an old bug.
    Anyway, yes, deleting the contacts manually should solve the

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    I believe this is a known issue. When ayttm sees an account
    in the contacts file that either does not have an associated
    local account, or has a local account that does not exist,
    it adds the contact to the first available local account for
    the same service.

    We need to change this behaviour. I keep separate accounts
    for friends and coworkers, and the two got mixed up when I
    removed my `coworkers' account from ayttm.