#454 termination of group decryption when encountering a wrong PW


I have a directorty with 20 files in it: some files are plain, some are already encrypted with the password "PW1".
When selecting the directory and selecting "Encrypt" from the Explorer's context menu, using "PW2", the plain files in the directory are all encrypted while the previously encrypted files stay intact. So far so good.

However, when I select the directory again and click "Decrypt" using "PW2", when the program encounters the first file which had been encrypted with "PW1" it prompts with pop-up about being unable to decrypt the file (which is OK), but the "Cancel" button on the pop-up does nothing - instead of skipping the file and trying to decrypt the next file down in the directory.
Cancelling the whole operation leaves the directory with a mix of files - some encrypted with "PW1", some still encrypted with "PW2", and some fully decrypted files.

It would be nice if the Cancel button on the pop-up will skip the file which can not be decrypted with the provided password (with possibly a checkbox "Do Not Ask Again"), and continue to travel down the directory content.


  • Since I am focusing on AxCrypt 2.x right now, I'll at this time just make a note of this, and consider how this will be handled in 2.x. Certainly better, I hope!