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#442 Failed assertion in Crypt.cpp at line 2255
AxCrypt (306)

I cannot ue AxCypt anymore. Whatever I do, the following message occures: Failed assertion in Crypt.cpp at line 2255 Error loading signature XML from 'Sigs.xml'
This also occures when I try to uninstall the program.


  • If this is version as it appears, your installation has become corrupted for some reason or another. There is a known issue where the software Eraser does currupt AxCrypt-files when using the 'erase cluster tip' option.

    To get around this, do a manual uninstallation by deleting all in C:\Program Files\Axon Data\AxCrypt and in HKCU and HKLM\Software\Axon Data and then reboot.

    Finally intall the current version 1.7.2126 or later - and if you are using Eraser of an older version, update to the most recent.

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