Martin Manak

A console application that reads points with weights, computes the corresponding aw-triangulation and writes it as an XML document. The input can be a plain text file with xyzw-lines or a PDB XML file that describes a molecule. The input can be read from a local file system or an URL location and can be compressed (gz).

The implemented algorithm is based on tracing Voronoi edges. The usual problem with graphs of Voronoi edges and vertices is that they can have more components. This problem is solved by a special algorithm implemented in this library.

The latest version is 1.0_alpha4. It employs parallelism, spatial filters and Delaunay triangulation to achieve better performance. Reading PDB XML input is fixed, the output now contains one more component (id 0).

hg clone http://awvoronoi.hg.sourceforge.net:8000/hgroot/awvoronoi/dev-root-awvoronoi
cd dev-root-awvoronoi/tags/1.0_alpha4
mvn install

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XML output - hierarchy (elliptic Voronoi edges)
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XML output - molecule 1CV2
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Run - command line

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