#2 virtual domain details

John Leavens


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    I've installed awstats and have it running. I've
    several vitual domains served off an apache server. I
    included the virtual domain names in the @HostAliases'
    array. I have a mod_perl module that is run in two of
    the virtual domain. Naturally is hit count is
    combined. Is there any way to set up awstats to just
    look at one virtual domain at a time? Maybe have
    separate logs, have several copies of awstat
    (domain1stats.pl and domain2stats.pl) that would
    produce a per virtual domain report?

    Nice job on the product.

    John Leavens

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    To have differents stats for different virtual host, this
    is what you can do:
    First, use 2.23 version (still in beta but will be released
    soon). With this version, you can use config file and you
    can use 2 config files for 2 differents virtual hosts (I
    suggest in readme.txt file to uses
    awstats.virtualhost1.conf and awstats.virtualhost2.conf).
    then you setup your web server to use 2 differents log
    files. As you have 2 config file, you can put in first one,
    name of first log and in second one, name of second log.
    When you launch awstats from command line in 2.23, you type:
    awstats.pl -h virutalhostx
    and from http:

    I think you will understand better when you will see the
    config file model of the 2.23 version.

    If you prefer still using 2.22 version, you have no other
    way to create a copy of awstats.pl into awstats2.pl but you
    still must use differents logs for each of your