#1616 No statistics showing up in 6.2

Jon D. Irish

I am running AWSTATS 6.2 on an IIS 5 server. The
entire site is HTTPS. I configured AWSTATS and it runns
without any errors. The problem is that no statistics are
being displayed even though the raw log file is full of
data. The very first sections does provide the following
Unique visitors Number of visits Pages Hits Bandwidth
Viewed traffic * 0
(0 visits/visitor) 0
(0 pages/visit) 0
(0 hits/visit) 0
(0 KB/visit)
Not viewed traffic *
701 1481 422.26 KB

Even though the collums do not line up, you can see
that the Viewed traffic all reports 0 while the Not
Viewed Traffic does display some statistics. Is the
problem here due to the fact that the entire site is
HTTPS, or do I have a configuration problem?



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    Same problem i have to a T
    Hope someone answers your request so i can fix my problem
    to SNICKER

  • Jon D. Irish
    Jon D. Irish

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    This is a follow up to my initial posting. I just finished
    installing version 6.3 and I still have the same problem.
    Under "Not Viewed Trafiic" I see stats for Pages, Hits, and
    Bandwith, but every other field is 0. Is this because this is a
    pure HTTPS site? If so, why dosen't the documentation state
    that AWSTATS does not work with HTTPS sites? If AWSTATS
    does work with HTTPS, how do I get the stats to display. I
    have read through the installation instructions, and I have not
    found anything about special configurations required for
    HTTPS sites.

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    Your LogFormat parameter has a wrong value.