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#141 Major patch with rewrite and new features

Reini Urban

Changes from 6.8 to 6.8.1 by Reini Urban

Put history read and save code into seperate modules and
Save_History is not loaded on -output.

Changed seperate column global scalars $Total, $Month, $Day*
to a global hash for uniform hashkeys "uvphbexl".

Added an optional DepartmentInfo as third column for the userinfo plugin.
For an intranet with authenticated users and special userinfo.txt
config ShowDepartmentStats

Generalized handling of allowed stat types, defaults and configuration,
replaced the run-time regex check to a hash lookup.

Added column Edits (D) for wiki's and CMS to check activity. Detection by config $EditRegexp.

Added @SearchEnginesSearchIDOrder_local to check to local search engine referers first. Hmm, does not work yet good enough.

Added daily average row (A) to ShowSummary. Added support for daily average (A) also to
ShowMonthStats, ShowDaysOfMonthStats

Added helper functions PrintRow, PrintVertBar, PrintHorBar.

Changed default $MiscTrackerUrl to /awstats/js/awstats_misc_tracker.js

New column type G General to list all (privacy) or only the top.
Also checked in the left menu frame.

I also added some magic for a "*-AVL" version string.
This is for our internal intranet wiki. It can be left in to see how to do such mods easily.


  • Reini Urban
    Reini Urban