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AWStats 6.5 Beta is ready for tests

AWStats version 6.5 beta is ready for tests.

This new version is not ready for a production use. It is just a beta release. AWStats 6.5 beta contains bug fixes and new features:

New features/improvements:
- New: RSS catcher/readers in robot database
- New: Add option databasebreak to force awstats to use a different database
history file for eache day or hour instead of month.
- New: geoip_cities plugin report the region when available.
- New: LevelForBrowsersDetection can accept value 'allphones' to use file instead of file for AWStats database. This
file is specialized in phone/pda browsers.
- Qual: geoip plugin now uses open instead of new to allow use of different
path for datafiles instead of default. This allow use of personalised path
for database file.
- New: LogFormat=2 can now change its value dynamically if logformat change.
- New: Add way to set ArchiveLogRecords with same tags than LogFile to add
suffix to archive log files.
- New: Add option SectionsToBeSaved (to ask AWStats to save only particular

- Fixed: referer changes to referrer
- Fixed: [ 1111530 ] Missing description for %host_r in config file
- Fixed: [ 1124711 ] env AWSTATS_CURRENT_CONFIG not expanded for include
- Fixed: [ 1172485 ] Invalid header characters for DOCTYPE
- Fixed: [ 1172494 ] Invalid XHTML in
- Fixed: [ 1173816 ] Config file mis-feature
- Fixed: [ 1218832 ] XML Strict error (with GeoIP plugin)
- Fixed: keyword detection for "advanced" search on google
- Added style="display:none;" to image link for misc tracker.
- Changed stored permission in tar.gz file
- Fixed: Better support for gz and bz2 files
- Fixed: Added xhtml in mime types.
- Fixed [ 1163590 ] XML parsing error
- Fixed: [ 1174728 ] version 6.4: XML parsing error
- Fixed: [ 1186582 ] Authentication problem in Windows NT/AD Domains
- Fixed: [ 1191805 ] Missing Bot: Add generic detection for user agent
bot bot/ and bot-
- Avoid bad cells if geoip country does not exists.
- Better compatibility of misc_tracker with firefox.
- Fixed: Dying process with geoip_city plugin when IP is unknown by plugin.
- Fixed: Add error message if option buildpdf option is used with parameter

- Added Spanish translation for webmin module by Patricio Martnez Ros.
- Added croatian language.
- Update russian language file.
- Renamed european union by european country.
- Review of AWStats documentation.

Posted by Laurent Destailleur (Eldy) 2005-08-21