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AWStats 4.0 final has been released

AWStats 4.0 is ready

It's a pleasure to announce that AWStats 4.0 has been released.

Version 4.0 is a major version.

WARNING: 4.0 is not compatible with OLD history data files. If you use 4.0
to read statistics for old month, report for "visitors" will be wrong as all
old unresolved ip processed with AWStats 3.2 will not be counted when
viewed with 4.0.

So, if you don't want to "rebuild" old statistics and want to have your
customers to keep a view on stats of OLD month (analyzed with AWStats 3.2),
you must keep 2 versions of AWStats: 4.0 to manage and view new month and
3.2 to allow users to "see" statistics for OLD month. Sorry for this, but this
change was absolutely necessary to make AWStats better and easier to use in

You can download 4.0 from AWStats official web site:


  • Increased speed and reduce memory use for very large web sites.
  • Unresolved ip are now processed like resolved one.
  • Added icons in browsers chart.
  • Personalized log format can also have tab separator (not only space).
  • New ways to manage security/privacy with updated docs and new parameters:
  • New feature: Added mark on "grabber browsers" in browsers chart.
  • New feature: Added average files size in Pages/URL report chart.
  • New feature: You can put dynamic environnement variables into config file.
  • New feature: Keyphrases list can be viewed entirely (not only most used).
  • New parameter: WrapperScript
  • New parameter: CreateDirDataIfNotExists
  • New parameter: ValidHTTPCodes
  • New parameter: MaxRowsInHTMLOutput
  • New parameter: ShowLinksToWhoIs
  • New parameter: LinksToWhoIs
  • New parameter: StyleSheet
  • New option: -staticlinks to build static links in report page (to use
    AWStats with no web servers).
  • New tool: common2combined.pl (A log format converter)
  • New tool: awstats_buildstaticpages.pl
  • Fixed: wrong size of bar in "average" report when average value was < 1.
  • Fixed: pb of "Error: Not same number of records" when using some version
    of mod_perl.
  • Fixed: pb in logresolvemerge.pl
  • Fixed: Security against CSSA.
  • No more need to use . to say . in config file.
  • Documentation seriously updated.


  • The new feature you can get with new the parameter
    "ShowWhoIsLinks" is not working correctly (bad link
    on a lot of domain names). Because this is a minor bug
    and the way to solve this requires a lot of work, I
    decided to solve it in a next version only. You can
    just not use this feature (by default) if you don't
    want to have invalid "WhoIs" links in your reported
  • RPM may not works correctly for some OS. Just use
    tgz of zip distribution instead if you experience

Laurent Destailleur for AWStats.

EMail: eldy@users.sourceforge.net

Posted by Laurent Destailleur (Eldy) 2002-05-11