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#813 Number of Unique vistors broken down by day


Currently the display for the month shows for each day: Number of visits, Pages, Hits, and Bandwidth. Would it be feasible to include the number of Unique Visitors as well (or in pace of the number of visits). The number of Unique Vistors are central to seeing the result of any marketing effort i.e. the new people it gets "in through the door".

I know you've "turned down" requests for similar things before, but this seems slightly different and such a critical piece of data to assess marketing. At the moment I cannot tell what actions resulted in new visitors as the number of Unique Visitors is only given as a total for each month. It would be great to be able to see the impact of a blogging initiative, or a Twitter one or etc etc

Thanks for all your work, I never realised AWstats was free! Amazing. It's provided through CPanel by my host.