#778 Show details of 'x' number of previous visits

Josh Dolan

I think a useful feature would be the ability to see a detailed list of the last 'x' number (maybe 200) of visit to the site.
Showing such things as visit length, client IP/location, data downloaded, browser, os, and any other relevant data.
This is very similar to the 'full list' of hosts, but in order of last visit date (descending).
Maybe this report could just be reworked to allow sorting by different columns?


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    I've just installed Awstats for a client, and while I'm trying to educate them on the power and beauty of the available stats, all they seem to be able to say is "But I liked the Last 300 Visitors report that Cpanel had".

    This seems to be what you're asking for here, and I agree it would seem to be in demand. I think what they really like about this is the fact that they can see a visitor, and then all the pages they viewed in that session underneath, grouped together.

    Here is the page at Cpanel which describes the information available.
    and I'll attach a screenshot if I can.