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#775 Exclude Visitor Traffic Less than 1 Second


This idea is simple, use a filter to exclude visitor traffic that stays for less then 1 second.

Why is this feature important? Many people criticize AwStats Numbers as being bloated with Bot SPAM and etc. If I were a programmer for a robot, I would want it to get on and off the pages as fast as possible, faster than a human could. So, my idea is to have an option similar to the "SkipHost" command that lets you filter out traffic less than a specified time. The specification is important, because some Users may want a different number than the 1 second that I propose.

This idea may be dangerous (as it assumes robots visit pages faster than a human) and may filter out lots of people clicking on your pages. However, in all honesty, even when I am researching via Google on the web, it takes me AT LEAST 1 second to decide that I don't like the website and to hit BACK.


  • Jim

    Good idea! I think this would be a very useful feature.

    Since we are using log entries you really don't get a "exit" time, but for instance when a regular user loads a page they also load some pictures, buttons, background graphics, css file etc... And that identifies a "real" user. Maybe Awstats should suggest that webmasters always add some jpgs, even if they are invisible, just for this reason.

    Although it would take some creative programming to do this, and may take some CPU to sort it out, it is worth it to help make the visit numbers more accurate.