indv. reports on diff. folders of same domain

  • haun

    I run an Awstats report for my domain nightly. Then on the same logfile I run 9 more Awstats reports on different subfolders of that domain (e.g.,, etc...). I have .conf files set up for each report I run and I use the OnlyFiles="REGEX[]" for the individual folder ones. Works beautifully except that it takes FOREVER.

    Since my daily log files are 300MB+ and I am running the GeoIPFree(-10%), and TimeZone(-40%) plugins it takes quite some time to re-analyze those logs 9 times for each folder. Is there some way I can analyze the files once (for the whole domain) then take that analysis data and create the 9 other reports for subfolders?

    I can't just have reports with filtered Entry pages and Exit pages and so on. I need FULL Awstats reports for the subfolder ones that tell how many hits to THAT folder, how many 404s for THAT folder, etc...

    Any suggestions are much appreciated - Haun

    • No way to have 9 reports in only one pass.
      Reason is that AWStats was not designed for that and filtering was added after main code was built. Changing that is a too important work.