Different configs for reporting possible?

  • john mccusker
    john mccusker

    I just posted this in the open discussion, but perhaps it's a better topic for

    There are parts of the config file that deal with reporting and others that
    deal with the actual reading in of data. Is it possible to allow different
    views of the same data? For example, we may want to provide one "view" of the
    data to executive management that is simple and easy to digest. However, as a
    developer, I may want to see more detailed information, such as HTTP error

    Is this functionality already possible within awstats? If not, could this be
    added to the suggestion list? For example, perhaps the presentation part of
    the config file could be separated out into a "view" configuration file and
    then a parameter added to the URL such as "view=domain.com.view" to allow
    different views of the same data. An added benefit would be that it could
    allow ALL data to be read in, but then we just manipulate the view config file
    to weed out hits on parts of the site that, as developers we might want to
    see, but they should not be counted as "official" hits on the site.