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Response time per hit

  • Hippe


    This question has been asked before, but no answers were given. So, I'm asking
    again: is it possible to report the response time per hit?

    I'm a software developer, so I would be able to write a plug-in or add
    functionality to AWStats itself. But some advice on which direction to take
    would be very much appreciated.


  • Chris Larsen
    Chris Larsen

    Hi Hippie, what kind of web server are you parsing? IIS has a TimeTaken field
    that folks have written extra sections or patches for. I may be rolling this
    directly into AWStats but I don't know if Apache has a similar field. Thanks!

  • Gaetano Giunta
    Gaetano Giunta

    A small correction to hippe's statement: the %D directive logs time in
    microseconds, not milliseconds.

    Then some further requests: it is quite easy to add extra, custom values in
    the apache log by using the "note" mechanism. This is exposed as a php
    function. Logging the memory used per-page of a php app is as easy as adding
    at the end of php pages the line
    apache_note( 'mem_usage', memory_get_peak_usage( true ) );
    and using a custom log format that includes

    It would be a great thing if AWStats could create custom graphs based on this
    extra value. Ex: use the url as row identifier, and counting this value insted
    of number of hits, show columns min, max, average and total

  • Joel Szatanek
    Joel Szatanek

    Response time chart and table should be a great new feature in Awstats. Analog
    for example shows a table and a graph with response time of the application :
    less than 1s, 1-2s, 2-5s, 5s-10s, more than 10s for example.