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For FAQ: Way to get Older Stats (same month)

  • thesubmitter

    This is a little half-baked solution to get statistics from previous days of the month even if you have processed days that were less far away.

    1.Edit the awstatsddmmyylog.txt file (this holds your statistics data)
    2. Do a Search and replace for "mmdd" in your log file for the last day of logs you processed and replace it with the "mmdd" corresponding to the day before the logs you want to run. (i.e: if you wanted to process 13 December - 20 December but you had processed log file for Dec 22 then you would do a search for 1222 and replace it with 1212)
    3. Then do a Search for "LastLine" and replace the 2nd number in that line with 0 (this is the record of what line the processing stopped.
    4. Edit your .conf file and make sure u select the proper log file to process.
    5. After the processing do another search and replace for "mmdd" and change it back to the original values.

    I tested and it seemd to work pretty well, one day was a little messed up but its better than nothing.