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AWStats 7.0 *BROKEN* with perl 5.14

  • Luigi Lauro
    Luigi Lauro

    A lot of configuration options stopped working, even the key ones (like
    HostAliases) because of some dire consequences of perl 5.14 changes.

    More info here, along with more info to the found problems and a possible
    temporary fix: (

  • Luigi Lauro
    Luigi Lauro

    I want to add that this is not only for AWstats 7, but ANY version of awstats
    has this bug. I tested several 6.x version and latest 7.x and they all share
    the same optimizeArray which stopped working in perl 5.14.

  • Daniel Grosso
    Daniel Grosso

    Hi everyone,

    Faced the same problem. Have you found out wich perl version to use with
    awstats v7.0?


  • Hi everyone,

    I've also just been trying to work out why I was not getting stats for OS
    detection, search engine detection, search keywords and key phrases detection
    and I think I have just found the answer here.

    For the record I installed the latest ActivePerl which was giving
    me problems with AWStats 7.0
    I am about to downgrade to only free lower version of Active Perl which is and I will see if that resolves the issue.

    Assuming that this resolves the issue can someone please put a warning on the
    main download page?

    I mean next to Last Stable

    Last stable version is 7.0 - 2010-12-05 23:54
    Your Perl version must be at least 5.00503 (or higher) to use AWStats 6.x or
    NOTE: If you use a perl version higher than 5.12.4 you currently will lose statistics for OS and search engine detection


  • Hi everyone,

    Yes it worked. Do NOT use a perl version higher than 5.12.4 until this is
    resolved unless you are happy for OS detection, Search engine detection,
    keywords and key phrases detection to not work.

    A note on the AWStats download page would be a very good idea.