Package policy

  • Alex Samorukov
    Alex Samorukov


    I am maintainer of the FreeBSD awstats port (
    Some time ago i updated FreeBSD port to the latest 6.6 stable version. But today i found that tarball size was changed, so port fail to build anymore (freebsd port system checks tarball checksum).
    May i ask you to change release policy to more standart unix one x.y.z? And to release new tarball instead of changing old one? I`m sure that many users may have problems when name of tarball is unchanged, but content is not. Also, many users use mirrors (btw, too) and its impossible to find if mirror contain latest package version or not.

    With best regards, and thanks for your best server statistics software.

    • Robin Bowes
      Robin Bowes


      I second Alex's request. Releasing a new version without changing the tarball name is silly and causes all sorts of problems, not least the one highlighted by Alex.

      His proposal to use the naming convention package-name.x.y.z is a sensible one. Please adopt it.