I am using awstats with sendmail logs in the way it is provided in the FAQ.
When I look at my awstats log I noticed that I was missing email addresses of
certain mailing lists. My Majordomo lists are resend based on the site it is
referring to. So if my list has 4 email addresses:


Sendmail will send 2 mails with To=1@...,2@.... respectively To=3@...,4@...
It seems that awstats analysis these mails as 2 mails and shows only 1@... and
3@... as the receiving email addresses. Does anyone know if it is possible to
see all email addresses or let awstats see the mails as multiple mails? The
first option seems to be the most logical and I am fine with that set up. It
at least allows me to see if the lists are working properly.